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Mountain Bike - Cross country / Endurance / Enduro USA

Name: ljloco_

Discipline: Mountain Bike - Cross country / Endurance / Enduro

Country: USA

Hometown: Winder, GA

Date of Birth: 03/08/1983

Bike: Scott 700 tuned

I love to ride, have always love to ride, my favorite is a techy chunky trails, but don't mind a a good gravel climb. Enduro, all mountain, cross country and gravel I’ll take anything you throw at me and try my hardest at it and enjoy doing it.

I live in North Georgia, I have lived there most of my life. My husband got me started in the sport many years ago. And I did my first race about four years ago. Since, This sport has brought me too places I would have never gone, has introduced me to friends I would have never met and has given me a joy in life I would have never known. My awesome sponsors are Little Fire Cycles and Rhinohead

Career highlights

Race and competing NUE races. So far This year I have gotten 2nd overall in the race Big Frog 65 miles in Ducktown TN.

In past years I have ranked 1st in Fools Gold 50 in Dahlogonea Ga. Drove 28 hours too race at Pierre’s Hole Wyoming.

What makes me the happiest is to have two wheels on the dirt, and the sun on my face!


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