One of BC’s biggest freeride stars.

Reece Wallace is a freerider hailing from North Vancouver, British Columba. Canada is the birthplace of freeride, and he’s working to be a part of history through all of his videos. Reece began his career in slopestyle, but shifted his talents towards a more freeride orientated career several years ago. Since stepping away from the slopestyle scene he’s focusing solely on freeride events and videos, like the incredible Red Bull Rampage event – Reece is one bad dude on a bike!

‘My favourite Muc-Off product is the pressure washer. Living on the west coast of BC, it rains about 250 days per year and the pressure washer is my go-to for cleaning my bikes at the end of every ride. Not only is it safe enough for the bearings on my bikes, but it works great for cleaning the grime off my 46-year old plane too!’