Take care of your ride with our 3-step process! 

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or have just recently discovered the joys of the sport, the task of cleaning your motorcycle after a big ride can be a daunting one. Intricate components caked in mud, your chain beginning to seize up, and the sparkle it once had is nowhere to be seen – where do you start in getting your bike back to looking factory fresh? Do not panic!  Muc-Off’s method to maintaining your motorcycle is built on a three-step, tried and tested philosophy: Clean, Protect and Lube. 



The first step is clean. Removing all dirt, grime and Muc(k) that has attached itself to your bike from the day's ride. Leaving grime and other residue on your bike can start to degrade the drivetrain and damage the frame, bodywork & components which is why it’s important to clean your bike after each ride. Muc-Off have made cleaning a walk in the park too, ensuring all the elbow-grease needed is already packed in each bottle. Whether it’s our Nano Tech cleaner or Powersports Drivetrain Cleaner, simply spray and let it sit for 5! The product does the hard mileage, so you don’t need to, breaking down tough grime in seconds.



Simply put, using bike protection products after you’ve washed your bike acts as a shield to safeguard against rust and corrosion, keeping moving parts free and lubricated, all whilst preventing dirt adhesion. With our HCB-1 breaking down rust and corrosion, or our Motorcycle Protectant offering the ideal in-between wash protection, we have a spray for all kinds of riding. You’ve secured the steed, but always make sure your two-wheeler’s looking factory fresh.



Lube plays a huge role in reducing friction, wear, and resistance to your chain, you’ll benefit from a more efficient ride and a longer-lasting chain. Muc-Off have a lube for any condition so you can take on any terrain, come rain or shine. We’ve even added UV dye to our Lubes to ensure you’ve given your chain maximum coverage and care to every link.


We know motorcycle maintenance is a challenging beast, but with our dependable Clean, Protect, and Lube system your trusty steed will run and look like it’s came straight outta production! 

For more on our Clean, Protect and Lube range, contact our sales team on salesna@muc-off.com