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Are All Bike Cleaners the Same?

Are All Bike Cleaners the Same?

Earlier this year, our R&D team here at Muc-Off HQ carried out a test to see how our Nano Tech Bike Cleaner compared to a budget bike cleaner from a certain discount budget store. The results showed us why you shouldn’t skimp when it comes to taking care of your ride.

We dropped pieces of aluminium into both solutions and the results could not have been more different. As soon as the metal came into contact with the budget solution it was attacked by the chemical, and within 2 minutes was starting to turn black. Meanwhile, the aluminium in our pink cleaner remained pristine. After just 5 minutes the metal in the budget cleaner had turned completely black.

The test ran for 24 hours and the end results were astounding. Not only had the budget solution attacked the metal immediately upon contact, but it had turned it to the colour of charcoal. Certainly not how we like our toys to be treated!

Our Nano Tech Bike Cleaner is unique as it’s the only bike cleaner on the market that uses Nano technology. The tiny particles within the solution are an 80,000th the width of a human hair, meaning they can get into all the tiny imperfections on any given surface for a much deeper clean, even those invisible to the human eye. A result of extensive R&D, the formula was painstakingly developed and tested, both in the Muc-Off laboratory and across our roster of athletes to ensure it’s the best it can be.

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