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The perfect protection partner, this nifty Squeegee will make light-work of applying our Bike Protection Series of protective films to your bike Read more

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  • Description

    The perfect protection partner, this nifty Squeegee will make light work of applying our Bike Protection Series of protective films to your bike.

    Whether Clear Gloss is your thing, or you’re all about the Clear Matt finish, this flexible Squeegee is safe on all surfaces – So no scratches - and it forces out any water or air bubbles from underneath the Bike Protection film during application. The result is greater surface contact between the film and the bike for stronger adhesion, better protection, and mile after mile of stress-free shredding.

  • Features

    • Durable TPU construction
    • Non-scratch, flexible blade easily conforms to curved frame geometry
    • Compact design
    • Centre hole for lanyard attachment / storage
  • HOW TO

    1. Clean your bike thoroughly before application. For best results and optimum durability spray Muc-Off Disc Brake Cleaner or Dry Degreaser onto a clean, dry microfibre cloth and wipe over the surface to ensure it is contaminant free. (Always test the disc brake/dry degreaser cleaner on a small inconspicuous area prior to use to ensure finish compatibility!) 
    2. Try to fit the guards in a clean and warm environment, this will help achieve good adhesion to the surface. Top Tip! If you are applying in colder conditions and have access to a hairdryer, then carefully warm the surface. This will help achieve an optimal adhesive bond. 
    3. Peel the guards off the backing material and line up the centre of the guards to the area you are applying. NB: It’s important you start with each sticker in the dead centre of the area you are applying so chill and take your time on this section! Then slowly rub down the middle, working your way out to the sides pushing out any air bubbles to the edges. Top Tip! You can easily trim the shapes as required, if necessary, with clean, sharp scissors if you need to fit around any challenging shapes or frame mounts etc. 
    4. Use a clean microfibre cloth to firmly rub down the guards onto the surface and make sure you cover all areas with even pressure. 
    5. Sit back and admire your freshly wrapped pride and joy, now go ride.

    REMOVAL: Ready to switch up your graphics? Removal is easy! 

    1. Start by gently heating the surface of the stickers with a hairdryer. This will help soften the adhesive, then slowly start peeling up a corner of the guards and peel back as carefully as you can, try to keep the adhesive attached to the protective layer so it all comes off in one piece. 
    2. Once each protection guard is removed use Muc-Off Glue & Sealant Remover to easily remove any residue before re-installing your new guards! (Always test the Glue & Sealant Remover on a small inconspicuous area prior to use to ensure finish compatibility!). *age restrictions may apply!

    Please note – not suitable for frames with an anodized finish. Anodized finishes do not provide a suitable surface for the application of the clear protection because the adhesive struggles to conform to the coarse texture, trapping moisture and air underneath the film. This can result in tricky application and bubbles underneath the frame.

  • Reviews

  • Durable without damage

    With a non-scratch, flexible blade which easily conforms to curved frame geometry, you can iron out the crinkles without damaging your steed.

  • The perfect protection Partner

    Pair up with our frame protection kits for smooth application without the creases.