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Our mission has always been continuous improvement for everything we create, we love the planet we ride on and are driven to protect it for futures riders! We’ve always believed in making our products as sustainable and kind to the planet as possible with an ongoing commitment to always improve.

For 2020 and beyond we’ve created ‘Project Green’ a focus which will never be finished and commitment to deliver a multitude of improvements across our business. A simple focus to protect the playground we ride in.

Below you can see our 3 key areas of focus, product initiatives, services and partnerships, we aim to be completely transparent by not only outlining what we are doing well but also what we could do better, and how we plan to get there. To start the campaign we’ve committed to eliminating 30+ tons of plastic by 2023. You can track our progress on the bottle above!

Product Initiatives

Product Initiatives - Nano Tech Cleaner

Refill. Reuse. Recycle

We continue to push awareness around our Nano Cleaner refill and concentrate programme, encouraging users to reuse their plastic bottles from home when it comes to cleaning their bike with the leading brand! Using our concentrates saves almost 9x more plastic vs buying a new 1litre bottle of our bike wash. We also launched our re-fill stations through bike stores in the UK and will be launching globally soon – we calculate this scheme will divert over 12 tonnes of plastic from landfill alone within 3 years!

Biodegradable Formula

We strive to ensure that as many of our products are naturally broken down as possible without compromising product effectiveness. Our flagship Nano Cleaner is biodegradable and has been since we originally brought out way back in 1994!

Durable Trigger

The triggers on our bottles are very high quality and durable and have been spec’d specifically so that they can be squeezed a minimum of 10,000 times which is equivalent 13 bottle refills! The next area for improvement here is to make the trigger completely recyclable. It has a metal spring in it currently and it’s made of black plastic (which cannot be picked up by scanners in most recycling centres). Our operations team are looking into new solutions with suppliers which is as durable and widely recyclable.


Biodegradable Formula

We are always looking for ways to make new and existing products biodegradable without compromising product effectiveness. We recently managed to reformulate our flagship MO94 to make it bio without compromising its effectiveness!

PTFE Free!

We removed PTFEs (Polytetrafluoroethylene) from all our products and formulas including MO94. PTFEs can cause serious harm to wildlife when they drain into water sources, so developing alternatives to this was a big focus for Muc-Off, and we’re delighted to say our whole range is now PTFE free!

Bio Wet Lube

Biodegradable Formula

As well as ensuring all our lubes are PTFE free, we also strive to ensure they are biodegradable when possible without compromising product effectiveness. Our Bio Wet Lube is made with natural vegetable oils which means it can be naturally broken down.

Refill. Reuse. Recycle.

A lot of our products are already refillable - including our lubes! Moving forward, we will be supporting our dealers more to help offer re-filling services – like we have with our Nano Tech Bike Cleaner - as a way to help reduce plastic and their carbon emissions across our range.

Visor, Lens & Goggle Cleaner

Biodegradable Formula

Another Muc-Off product that the Boffins in the R&D team have managed to make fully biodegradable and solvent free! How? The secret is PH-neutral de-ionised water.


The body of the bottle and the spray nozzle cap are widely recyclable plastic. Like with the Nano Cleaner trigger, we are looking spray nozzle options without metal springs and at whether we can add a UV dye into the black plastic of this part to make it identifiable by recycling centre sorting machines.

Mechanics Gloves


Many mechanics currently use single-use latex gloves when in the workshop but this is a hugely wasteful practice as latex rubber is not widely recyclable and most are not made of natural latex and therefore are not biodegradable. We calculate using data from our dealer network that each set of Muc-Off gloves could eliminate up to 200 sets of latex gloves which equates to 1kg of latex rubber being diverted from landfill for each set of Muc-Off mechanics gloves sold.

Tubeless Sealant

Refill, Reuse, Recycle!

Many of our products are already refillable - including our Tubeless Sealant! We have produced a 1litre bottle of sealant designed to refill our sealant pouch and reduce plastic waste! Our next mission is to work with our dealers to launch re-fill stations to reduce plastic and carbon emissions across our range.

Carbon positive sealant!

We commissioned a C02 impact report in to our No Punctures Tubeless Sealant and found that it's in fact carbon positive! What does this mean? In simple terms, our Tubeless Sealant has an undoubtably greater environmental benefit than the impact it has on the environment when manufacturing it. Intertek found “If one million tyres per year used Muc-Off tyre sealant instead of not using it, the CO2 saving would be an estimated 0.4122 million Kg CO2 per year”. For more information please visit: Carbon Foot print Intertek Report

Bio grease


We are constantly looking for ways to ensure all our products are made from biodegradable ingredients so they can be broken down naturally. Our Bio grease is biodegradable and is free from any nasty petroleum-based oils!


We’ve recently made changes to the lids and nozzles on some of our products so that they are no longer made of black plastic but instead transparent plastic which is widely- recyclable and can be picked up by recycling machines. This includes our Bio grease!

Matt Detailer


We are always striving to make sure that our range of products consist of Biodegradable ingredients, which break down into harmless compounds. Our Matt Detailer is one of those and has been since it was produced!


We are currently in the process of and have made changes to the nozzles and lids on some of our products to make them recyclable! They will no longer be made of black plastic, but a transparent colour which can be detected by recycling machines. Our Matt Detailer nozzle is currently in the process of being made transparent!

Eco Parts Washer

Solvent free

Unlike traditional solvent-based parts washers, this process provides a safe and eco-friendly cleaning solution which doesn’t pump nasty solvents into the environment!

Reduce energy

The Eco-Parts washer uses less energy than normal solvent based part-washers, as the temperature required for effective cleaning is lower than traditional washers, at just 38 degrees. This reduces carbon emissions and is less damaging for the environment!

Recycling & Refilling

Piloted in the UK in 2019, our Refill Programme through Muc-Off stores is going global this year. This initiative has been developed as part of achieving the key objective of Project Green: to eliminate over 30 tonnes of plastic by 2023 (as well as supporting the Muc-Off IBD network!)

How Does it work? We’ve provided refill Point of Sale stands to dealers for free when they place an order for 2 x 25 litre containers of Nano Bike Cleaner. Through this incentive, we aim to place 1,250 refill stations in dealerships globally which we calculate would save 270,000 plastic bottles from being produced and this equates to 30 tonnes! The added bonus? The RRP on the refill service is 50% cheaper to end consumers meaning you can clean your bike for less as well as have a clean conscience!


1% for the Planet Logo

1% for the Planet

We have recently partnered with 1% for the Planet, agreeing to donate 1% of annual sales of the Nano Tech bike wash sold through in-store Refill stations to our global retail network to support non-profit organisations focused on the environment. 1% for the Planet was founded by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Files and its 1,200 member businesses have given more than $175 million to thousands of approved environmental charities in more than 60 countries globally. Our industry depends on the natural world as our playground and this is one way that we aim to preserve our surroundings and ensure our customers are able to enjoy the great outdoors now and in the future.

Marine Conservation Society

Marine Conservation Society

Although we have been separating and recycling business waste and packaging from our HQ since before 2012, at the time as a small family business we were unaware that once turnover reached a certain threshold, we had to register for a packaging recovery scheme.

Between the years 2012 and 2016 we were not aware of the scheme and did not implement the right internal recycling processes and were subsequently asked to compensate. We encourage any other UK business that meets the criteria to register immediately. Since 2016 we have been registered on the Packaging Recovery Scheme and the business now meets and exceeds where possible the criteria.

As a result, we decided to offer for this administrative error compensation in the form of a donation to the Marine Conservation Society. This UK-based charity organises regular beach cleans including in the area local to the Muc-Off HQ in Poole as well as tackling plastic packaging pollution in our seas.

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