Bicycle Cleaning

From our famous pink Nano-Tech Bike Cleaner to disc and drivetrain cleaners view our epic range of bicycle cleaning products below.

Why Clean a Bike?

Put simply, a clean bike rides better and lasts longer. By cleaning your bike regularly, you'll reduce the likelihood of mechanicals and needing to buy replacement parts - saving you money in the long run!

A clean bike is a fast bike! To get the most out of any bike, it needs to be clean. Keeping the muck and grime at bay will make your bike more efficient and therefore faster.

Which Products Do I Need To Clean My Bike?

Nothing gets rid of mud and grime easier than our Nano Tech Bike Cleaner. Fully biodegradable, free from acids, solvents and CFCs, it's safe to use on all surfaces. Looking for a way to clean your manky looking bicycle chain? Look no further than our X-3 Dirty Chain Machine, it'll leave your chain looking brand new in seconds!