LED UV Torch

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Lots of our products have a UV tracer dye, so you can shine our UV torch onto the area to make sure you haven’t missed anything. Read more

  • check coverage
  • shows uv dye
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  • Description

    The Muc-Off LED ultraviolet torch is compact and small enough to fit in your pocket or clip onto your belt with a maximum output of up to 160 lumens, and a simple to use on/off button.

    Muc-Off has developed several formulas which contain an integral UV tracer dye, this enables accurate application to ensure total protection, and allows you to wipe away any overspray otherwise gone undetected – just look out for the UV logo on our labels, or check out our list of products below.

    Requires 1xAA battery (not included)


    You can find UV dye in the following products, simply shine at the application area on your bike to check coverage:

    • Muc-Off No Puncture Hassle
    • eBike Dry Weather Lube
    • eBike Wet Weather Lube
    • eBike All Weather Lube
    • eBike Ultra Corrosion Defence
    • Sweat Protect
    • C3 Wet Lube
    • C3 Dry Lube
    • Muc-Off Bike Protect
    • MO94
    • Motorcycle Protectant
    • Motorcycle Wet Chain Lube
    • Motorcycle Dry Chain Lube
    • HCB-1
  • Reviews


    Hits the spots you can’t see

  • enables accurate application

    Just look out for the UV logo on our labels