Effortless, efficient, and consistent cleaning in seconds


Reach out to your Muc-Off Distributor for potential discounts on the Eco Parts Washer!

     The Muc-Off Eco Parts Washer offers a deeper, more consistent clean on components and is available in two sizes – 40L and 100L, supersize your cleaning output whilst minimizing maintenance costs, saving both money and time.

    Here at Muc-Off our mission has always been to continuously improve as we create – we love the planet we ride on and are driven to protect it. Project Green is our continued commitment to creating environmentally friendly products and packaging, and the Eco Parts Washer is a leader of this movement. Unlike other solvent part washers, it doesn’t release harmful chemicals like VOCs and minimizes wastewater with our Wash and Tabs technology.

    It’s a piece of kit that we couldn’t live without – and we wouldn’t want you to miss out either!

    How it works

    Top up your Eco Parts Washer with our Eco Parts Wash and Powder Power Tabs. The Eco Wash runs through and around the brush to prevent the build-up of grease and grime, or soak parts using the integrated soaking tank. Working on tough grime? Hit Boost Mode to increase the temperature and cleaning power!

    Maintenance is as simple as the clean – a pre-filter situated in the sink holds thick elements, and a socket filter catches the finest particles. When it’s time to empty, use the draining plug and integrated pouring spout for easy draining.

    If you’re not consistently using the Parts Washer throughout the day – just flick into eco mode to save energy.

    Eco Parts Wash Refill Liquid

    • This water-based liquid is tough on grime, providing outstanding degreasing results, whilst being gentle on your steel bikes delicate parts with added anti-corrosion agents.
    • Safe for your team and, safe for the environment – the Eco Parts Wash Refill Liquid boasts a non-toxic, non-hazardous formula.
    • Due to natural evaporation and splashes, approximately 8L to 10L a month will need to be added to keep your Parts Washer topped up.

    Eco Powder Tabs

    • Made up of selected micro-organisms and added nutrients – add one tab once every five weeks to prolong the life and effectiveness of your Eco Parts Wash whilst neutralizing odours.
    • These living organisms will remove contaminants, pollutants and toxins from the water.

    Tech Spec


    • Dimensions: L 32.28 x D 20.87 x H 41.34 (inches)
    • Cleaning table: L 21.65 x D 16.93 x H 5.91 (inches) internal dimension
    • Empty weight: 50.71 Ibs
    • Tank volume: 40L
    • Electrical supply: 230V -2kW (9A)
    • Tools: Interchangeable brush
    • Maximum load: 66.14 Ibs
    • Soaking tray integrated at the bottom of the sink: -24 x 22 x 8, Volume 4L
    • Pump flow: Adjustable from 0 to 6 l/min + brush flow tap
    • Electrical pump
    • Heating power 2 Kw
    • Heating process from 15 to 38°C 20L approx. 15 min
    • Machine Body constructed of HDPE
    • Filtration 50 μm to maintain cleaning performance to limit waste and maintenance
    • Mobility 4 wheels polyurethane (2 with brake)
    • Sound level 45dB at 1m
    • Low level fluid warning
    • Eco Power Tab must be added every 5 weeks on average for efficient bioremediation
    • Eco Parts Wash to be replaced every 4-6 months (depending on usage) along with filter




    • Parts Washer Dimension: L 35.63 x D 25.59 x H 42.52 (inches)
    • Working Area Dimension: L 31.1 x D 16.54 x H 7.09 (inches)
    • Empty Weight: 101.41 Ibs
    • Tank Capacity: high capacity 100 liters
    • Soaking Area Volume: 30L / Soaking Height: 3.54 inches
    • Pump Flow: 1140 L / H
    • Heating Power: 1 KW
    • Electric Consumption: 200 W/H (Eco Mode 12H/day: reduction of 25%)
    • Payload: 220.46 Ibs
    • Standard temperature: 38°C (boost Mode: 43°C +50% for cleaning performance)
    • Machine Body Constructed of PEMD
    • Tool Holder: Interchangeable Brush
    • Stainless Steel Filtration 700 μ (basket filter) + 140 μ (external filter)
    • Power Supply: 230 V + T
    • Height Drain: 15.35 inches
    • Mobile 2 integrated wheels + 2 integrated wheels with brake
    • Lid Limits evaporation
    • Low level fluid warning
    • Eco Powder Power Tab must be added every 5 weeks on average for efficient bioremediation
    • Eco Parts Wash to be replaced once a year (depending on usage) filters can be washed


    Email the sales team for more information: salesna@muc-off