Tough on dirt, gentle on finishes

Caring for your customer’s ride is our top priority. Here at Muc-Off we pride ourselves on being a bunch of two-wheel fanatics who love to get down and dirty, but we also know how to clean up.

We’ve stepped up the cleaning game by designing the world’s first bike-specific pressure washer. Our award-winning piece of kit is the go-to for dirt-busting and is the number one machine you should have stocked in your armoury.

Built for bikes – our team of R&D experts put in hours of research, tailoring every component with bike cleaning in mind. Needing to be tough on dirt but gentle on delicate components, we’ve cracked it!  And the guys at the Design & Innovation Awards think so too, claiming the 2020 prize for Off-Road Equipment, they called it “simply ingenious”, but we let the product do the talking.

Now for the technical bit. The Muc-Off Pressure Washer is home to a 1200W carbon motor that creates an impressive max flow rate of 6.5L per minute, ensuring a deep and effective clean every time. It operates at and maintains the perfect pressure level to care for all-important bearings and surfaces, and each bike-specific lance has a soft-touch finish to further reduce the possibility of frame damage. All that power is housed in a tough, impact-resistant copolymer casing, and it’s pink… obviously!

This machine may be small, but we’re proud to say it’s mighty! 

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