C3 Wet Weather Ceramic Lube

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Whenever it’s wet outside, reach for C3 Wet Weather Ceramic Lube to keep things running smoothly. Welcome to the future of drivetrain lubrication. Read more

  • ceramic coating
  • premium lube

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    Mechanics Gloves

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Our C3 Ceramic Wet Lube is a premium bike chain lubricant that creates a ceramic coating for the ultimate chain performance in wet weather conditions.


  • Specifically formulated to excel over long distances in wet and muddy conditions
  • Contains UV dye so that you can check to ensure maximum coverage
  • Ceramic coating provides increased drive chain protection
  • Description



    CHEMTREC: 1-800-424-9300, 24 HR.


    • Ideal chain lubricant for Road Cycling, Cyclocross & MTB
    • Excels in wet, muddy conditions
    • Contains Boron Nitrides for efficiency
    • Creates Ceramic coating for chain protection
    • Ultra long distance performance
    • Incredible durability
    • Pipette system for accurate, easy application
    • Includes UV torch to check for 100% coverage
  • HOW TO

    1. Clean drive chain thoroughly before lube application
    2. Ensure drive chain area is dry
    3. Apply a moderate amount of C3 Ceramic Wet Chain lube to the inside chain link while spinning pedals in a reverse motion
    4. Check to make sure the lube coverage is even using the supplied UV Torch!
    5. Wipe away any excess chain lube
  • Reviews

  • Creates Ceramic coating for chain protection

    Ultra long distance performance

  • Specifically formulated for wet & muddy conditions

    Excel in the harshest of riding conditions